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Evan & Taylor

Venue: ​Wildflower Ridge, MO

Photographer: Madi Taylor Photography

Evan & Taylor's main focus of their wedding was to make the name of Christ known, show his love in their marriage, and have so much fun throughout the whole day. This was shown through their thrift mugs as party favors, breakfast for dinner and dancing through the tall grassy field that surrounds the beautiful venue of Wildflower Ridge. 

Wildflower Ridge, Marthasville, MO

Their Kind Words

 "Her work is absolutely incredible and worth every penny! I literally called her crying my eyes out after I watched our video for the first time because I felt like I was reliving my wedding day again. The film was beyond anything I could have ever imagined or asked for… a true blessing to have her there that day. I would 1000000% would recommend her to anyone else!"

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