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The Parish House on Union, Delphi  IN


Xiaoyu & Mia

Venue: ​The Parish House on Union, Delphi  IN

Photographer: Vanessa Stoller Photography

Florals- Etherial Florals

On our first consultation call, Xiaoyu expressed how he's most excited to see Mia for the first time in her gown, and knows it will be a memory that is imprinted on his mind, and heart forever. At that moment, I knew there would be many tender moments between these two. Their gentleness paired with many cozy familial stories and a beautiful blend of cultures that led to everyone singing "Sailing" by Rod Stewart at the end was nothing shy of brilliantly memorable. 

Their Kind Words

No words can express how much appreciation we had for her when working with her. She always patiently listened to our ideas and incorporated them seamlessly into the video, captured every special moment that we wanted to keep throughout the whole wedding. Loved her style of film, she totally gets what vibes we want. Lindsey is not only a master behind the camera, she is also very professional and fun to work with. She is always on time and so chill about everything, she made us feel at ease throughout the session, which is what we needed because both of us are very nervous at times. Many thanks to her, she really did an amazing job of filming us. I would totally give her a ten-star if there is an option for that! 

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